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Taking Flight For Fall Hesstonian Raising Monarch Butterflies, Helping Save The Species

Posted 9/19/2014

By Jackie Nelson

Ray Franz has an unusual hobby working to keep a Kansas insect off the endangered species list.  Franz raises monarch butterflies.  

Franz said without human intervention, the survival rate is only 1- or 2-percent. 

“Many years ago, they used to be many acres of habitat and lay lots of eggs and the 1-2 percent was fine. With the numbers being so low, that’s why so many people are intervening. The habitat isn’t available anymore,” he said. 

This season, Franz has successfully captured and raised five monarch caterpillars he found in his garden.  

“I’ll have about 30 on my property I’ll be able to take care of next year and release them for the flight north,” he said. 

Franz became interested when he attended a seminar at the Dyck Arboretum concerning the fate of the butterflies. 

The main concern for monarchs is the disappearance of milkweed, the preferred host-plant for monarch eggs and caterpillars. 

“That’s a little of their weakness; they have to have milkweed,” he said. 

While milkweed is considered a nuisance for some, it is essential to helping caterpillars avoid predators. 

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Record Announces Annual Winner

Posted 9/19/2014

The Hesston Record has drawn the 2014 Sweeps Stakes winners.  

Carolyn Janzen was this year’s Grand Prize winner, taking home $250.  Upon picking up her check, Janzen’s husband, Kylen Janzen, remarked, “She doesn’t know what she’s going to do with it.  I asked her for it – and it’s not going to me.”  

Second place winner of $75 was Marcell Diller.  

Diller said she was headed to Kropf Lumber with her winnings. 

“I moved…and I got rid of my Christmas tree because I thought it would be too big.  I’ll be buying a smaller tree for this year at Kropf,” she said. 

Third place and $25 winner was Christine Rans. 

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Sock Hop Shines

Posted 9/19/2014

BEAUTIFUL weather greeted the annual Skoops Sock Hop Sunday. Old cars were lined up on Main north of Highway 81. Buddy Martin, owner of Martin Auto Parts, brought out his Chevy. Vicki Koehn Garrett Byler, on the grill, keeps the food coming around lunch time.

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