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Painting Club Featured For September, Villa Days

Posted 9/11/2014

By Jackie Nelson   

The ladies of the  , which meets every Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.  is open to the public.  

Bobbie Hague, Deb Osbun, Carol Hague, Jolene Ratzlaff and Hallie Rucker have been painting together all year in preparation for this month’s Walkabout Gallery show. 

The women have a variety of paintings, prints and some folk-art on display at the Walkabout Gallery. 

“We have been painting for years with Dorothy Young, who passed a couple years ago,  and she invited us to paint with her and we just kept coming back,” said Bobbie Hague.  

The group is informal and members simply paint for their own enjoyment and for the fellowship. 

“We haven’t had any lessons, we just like painting and being together. We all became friends.   We would probably be painting at home but it is good to get together,” said Rucker. 

Osbun said working around fellow artists improves her abilities. 

“It is good to see what others are doing and encourage each other to keep going. We hear comments and feedback,” she said. 

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Posted 9/11/2014

The Lil Cheer girls will be the featured half-time performance for this Friday, Sept. 12, Swather varsity football game against the Halstead Dragons. 

Cheer Coach Steph Wray said Lil Cheer girls are allowed free admission into the game.

“Wear your T-shirt and get in free,” she said. 

Lil Cheer girls should meet at the north end of the  track five minutes before halftime. 

Girls in Kindergarten through eight grade will perform cheers and chants.  Young ladies in grades sixth through eight will then perform their dance routine. 

“I’m excited to see people there,” said Wray. 

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Council Postpones $120,000 Revolving Loan Fund Grant

Posted 9/11/2014

By Jackie Nelson

The Hesston City Council moved on Monday evening to postpone the disbursement of $120,000 from the Revolving Loan Fund to Weaver Grocer.   

The Weavers were not present at Monday evening’s meeting.

“We were at the store working.  We will be at the October meeting,” said Marguerite Weaver. 

The next public hearing for the Revolving Loan fund will take place at the regularly-scheduled Council meeting on Monday, Oct. 13.  

The Revolving Loan Fund currently has a balance of $130,000 according to City Administrator Gary Emry on Monday evening. 

Marguerite Weaver said the postponement of the funds will not affect Weaver Grocer. 

Emry said during the Monday meeting the Weavers had a bridge loan to support the business. Weaver reported the bridge loan was valid for 60 days. 

Richard Drake of the Citizens State Bank said it would not have a negative impact on the business. 

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School Board Seeks Energy Upgrade Plan

Posted 9/11/2014

By Jenna Quintin

Cutting utility bill costs while upgrading the district's equipment was a major subject at USD 460's school board monthly meeting.

 Chadd Currier, from BCS Energy in Wichita, gave a presentation of how his company could facilitate this project. In a preliminary study, data is gathered on the condition of equipment and where energy is spent. They measure in 15 minute increments to see the peaks and valleys of use, to see if equipment turns on at night, during the off-season, or if heating and cooling are on at the same time.

 Currier said most school district's could expect a 15%-20% savings on energy costs. That could be anywhere from $35,000-$60,000 in Hesston's schools. High schools are typically where are large chunk of waste is found, due to longer hours, more technology and more activities. Currier estimated HHS is using 20-25% more energy than necessary—however, he said this is better than what they often see.

The software used would enable administration to track their energy efficiency and savings in real time. BCS could see the data remotely, for key transparency and accountability.

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