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Pigskin Pick Standings

Posted 10/9/2014
Jarrod Fry was the only picker to pick 8 correct picks this week, netting him the prize. Fry distanced himself from a trio of pickers with seven correct picks. 
Standings after 5 weeks 
1. Grady Pauls 35
2. Jeff Schultz 34
   Jarrod Fry 34
4. Ryan Roth 32
5. Shannon Rewerts 31
   Dave Woodward 31
   Kevin Schultz  31
8. Rudy Holopirek  30
    Brian Johnston 30
    Jeff Yoder 30
11. Caleb Woodward 29
12. Roger Pfaff 28
13.  Isaac Yoder 22
      Matt Richardson 22
14. June Peters 18
15. Cora Yoder 15
16. Kevin Tacke 14
17. Brad Burkholder 11
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USD 460 Takes On Old Social Trouble With New Approach

Posted 10/9/2014

By Jackie Nelson

Bullying has become a cultural buzzword. Parents, students and school personnel are all on the look-out for bullying and finding ways to prevent and curtail the behavior while being sensitive to victims. 

What has always been an old cultural phenomena that has received a significantly increased amount of attention. Once just a fact of life for most children, and a right of passage, bullying has taken center stage in our social consciousness. 

Throughout the month of October – bullying awareness month – The Record will be looking into the schools, the psychology and the family effects of bullying. 

USD 460 counselors and administrators have been working to craft policies and procedures to deal with inter-student difficulties.  

While bullying is painted with a broad brush, USD 460 has established a definition that allows teachers and administrators to use a degree of discretion. 

In USD 460, bullying is defined as, “characterized by intentionally aggressive behavior that involves an imbalance of power and strength.  It can be exemplified through physical, verbal/nonverbal and/or relational means.  It is a repeated offence, even when teachers observe it for the first time.”  


Butting Heads At Hesston High 

Hesston High Principal Ty Rhodes said bullying is infrequent at the high school level.  Though he said with over 200 students in a building, there are bound to be conflicts. 

“I think it is important to distinguish between bullying and conflict.  When you have a group of people together, you are going to have to deal with conflict.  However, we have dealt with bullying; we are not immune,” he said. 

Rhodes said he works closely with counselor Donna Schadler to navigate bullying and conflict resolution. 

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HHS Alumni Inspire Current Students

Posted 10/9/2014

Record Staff

Hesston High students had the opportunity to talk to graduates who have gone on to have successful careers. 

Keynote speaker Jeff Nikkel, class of 1987, addressed students and encouraged them to think beyond just their life at Hesston High.  He said while success comes in many forms, but one of the greatest measures of a person’s success can be found in healthy relationships. 

“Hesston High has a special place in my heart, my story and my youth ministry,” he said. 

Nikkel wanted to be an encouragement to students who may be struggling with difficult situations and anxiety about their futures. 

“It is important for me to share my story and come back, specifically to Hesston, and give back to these kids and give them some support,” he said. 

Nearly two-dozen alumni returned and dedicated their morning to speaking with students. 

Local physician Aron Fast, a 2001 alumni, said he was pleased to be invited back. 

“I think it is a great idea to bring alumni back.  Kids need to be exposed to opportunities and experience of people who were in those seats just a few years ago – or maybe several years ago,” he said. 

Chad Lehman, class of 1994, said prepairing Hesston High students for what lies ahead was his main reason for attending. 

“I obviously have strong Hesston connections.  I believe in giving back to the town.  I want to talk to kids honestly about what to expect in college and in their early careers,” he said. 

The student/alumni sessions were hosted in cooperation with many area businesses, USD 460 and the Hesston Community Foundation. 

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Art In Memoriam

Posted 10/9/2014

By Jackie Nelson

Larry Peal may have been one of the most    artists in Hesston.  A biker who had a reputation as a blunt and honest man, he spent his final years creating works of art.  Many of these pieces are now on display for the first time at the Walkabout Gallery in the Hesston Wellness Center. 

Larry’s widow, Deb Peal, said Larry began painting after an illness kept him home-bound. 

“We were married for 37 years. He was a good provider for the kids.  A few years after we moved to Hesston, he got sick and wasn’t able to work.  He got bored. He worked his whole life and he wasn’t able to do more than walk the dog,” 

Deb said her late husband began exploring his artistic side with 3-D puzzles and sculpture kits.  

“He did some of those puzzles and then decided he was going to get canvas and paintbrushes,” she said. 

As he began experimenting, Larry found a style that worked for him and was all his own.

“You’d be surprised what all comes out of his head. He did everything from oceans and northern lights.  Toward the end, he was doing eagles and deer,” she said. 

Friends of the family, the Peal’s “adopted children,” quickly came to admire and appreciate her late husband’s artistic eye. 

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