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Weavers Grocers Loan Approved By Council

Posted 10/23/2014

By Jackie Nelson

At the Monday, Oct. 13 City Council meeting the Hesston City Council unanimously moved to approve a $120,000 revolving loan fund for 10 years at 3 percent interest to Weaver Grocers. 

Hesston businesswoman Chris Roth addressed Council to advocate for the Tim and Marguerite Weaver.  

I would like to thank the city, I am a business person in town and I’ve always been an investor in the town. I invested money down the street and [former City Administrator] John Carder was helpful as were city employees with questions, not having done this like the big builders, it went well and a lot of that was supported by the city and I appreciate that.  We supported local businesses and supported, within 15 -mile radius, local builders and contractors. Being a businessperson, I want to keep a viable grocery store.  I was very excited when we have a young family that half grew up here and they wanted to put themselves into the community. I would hope we support them every bit we can so they feel the same support as the city helped me with my businesses.”  

Mayor Dave Kauffman was also quick to clarify the hesitancy on the part of Council to approve the loan, originally slated for the Sept. council meeting. 

“I’d like to apologize from the standpoint how this came across. It was nothing personal and it put [City Administrator Gary Emry] in a bad position because, with our former administrator, we got used to doing things a certain way and things were approved. What happened, this is the first loan since Gary and new council members.  What the council wanted to see was hearing form the people with the loan and the plans I think everything was thrown off,” he said. 

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North Newton Seeking Wastewater Partnership

Posted 10/23/2014

By Jackie Nelson

The City of North Newton approached Hesston city leaders to partner with Hesston to utilize the services of the new wastewater treatment plant. 

At the Monday, Oct. 13 City Council meeting, City Administrator Gary Emry said North Newton officials were proposing allocating 43.8 percent of peak daily volume flow to the Hesston wastewater treatment plant to North Newton for a fee of $200,000 per year with a 20-year contract.  Currently there are 550 to 600 customers in North Newton. 

North Newton City Administrator John Torline said North Newton’s contract with the City of Newton for wastewater treatment expires in January of 2016.  Torline said the city is ready to transition away from the agreement with Newton. 

Torline said residents of North Newton are currently paying a base sewer rate of $55 per month per customer.  Hesston’s base sewer rate is $13 per month. 

“It’s all about economics. The numbers indicate North Newton can contract with Hesston and offer a profit to Hesston rate bearers.  I’m hoping people understand Hesston will be getting a significant, unexpected, revenue flow and possibly rate relief for Hesston and North Newton,” he said. 

Torline said North Newton would incur the costs of a lift to move waste to Hesston as well as infrastructure to deliver waste to the plant. 

Emry said the new Hesston plant would have the ability to take on the flow from North Newton.  However, he said in the Monday evening meeting there are legal components which need to be discussed. 

“You have your attorney draft a first look, have engineers look at it and find a starting point financially and where we would go.  There is the legal piece and the engineer.  With the legal piece, what do we do in the event of their worst-case scenario and exceeded capacity and treat them no differently than a new subdivision we brought on. If we have a bypass, we have to justify that bypass to KDHE (Kansas Department of Health and Environment), if there’s an agreed upon amount of flow. If we exceed that and what those penalties would be,” said Emry. 

Councilman John Reimer said he was impressed with the first draft but was also interested in what other options North Newton has explored. 

Louis Funk, Project Engineer with Bartlett & West, said North Newton has investigated constructing its own plant. 

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