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Lions Club To Receive Restitution

Posted 11/14/2014

By Jackie Nelson

Keith Pfautz pled no contest on Nov. 4 to two counts of felony theft from the Hesston Lions Club according to County Attorney David Yoder. 

Yoder  said as part of Pfautz’s plea, he has been ordered to pay $10,000 restitution to the Hesston Lions Club.  Sentencing has been scheduled for Jan. 9, 2015 at 1 p.m. 

Yoder said the plea was “pretty standard.” Yoder added Pfautz will most likely be facing 12 months supervised probation. 

“He, not having any kind of criminal history, will most likely be on presumptive probation per sentencing guidelines.  

“This is a property crime with no criminal history and a member of the community. There are consequences, however, they presume the emphasis is on rehabilitation and to prevent recidivism,” said Yoder.  

Herald Shorn with Harvey County collections, said Pfautz will not be making payments directly to the Lions Club.  

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AGCO Recalls ‘Handfull’ Of Workers From Layoff

Posted 11/14/2014

By Jackie Nelson

AGCO has recently recalled a “handful” of workers, according to United Steel Workers Union Local 11228 President Brian Lansaw. 

“They’re not recalling everyone,” he said. 

Lansaw said the recalls are to compensate for attrition rates at the manufacturing giant. 

“They told us they had cut too deep.  Some people are coming back to work, but not nearly as many as were laid off,” he said. 

Lansaw said while recalls are a positive for many workers, scheduled shutdowns and furloughs will continue through the rest of the year. 

“There are still going to be furloughs. Parts of the plant will be on and off on a weekly basis. Other are going to be more hit-and-miss.   You’ll come in, and if they have work for you, they’ll keep you,” he said. 

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Holiday Shopping Bazaar Brings Hundreds to H.A.S.

Posted 11/14/2014

By Jackie Nelson

The Hesston Area Senor Center helped shoppers get a jump on their holiday wish lists.  According to Hesston Area Senior Center Director Marla Sharp, the center saw 350 to 400 shoppers come through their doors raising about $2,000 for the Senior Center. 

Sharp said the newly added New Year’s Cookie sale brought in additional revenue for the center.  Volunteers had arrived well before dawn to begin frying the cookies. 

“They were very popular. We were sold out by 11 a.m.  I think we made about 600 cookies,” she said.  

Sharp said the bake sale was a hit again this year.

“We had so many positive comments about the bake sale. We only have a few items left in our freezers that are available by donation,” she said. 

During the sale, shoppers had the opportunity to grab a light lunch and enjoy the Marketplace Café. 

“The café was much more of a hit this year. We improved the setup and we had a lot of people taking a break from shopping for a cup of coffee or a muffin,” she said. 

Vendors said, by and large, they had successful days at the Holiday Market. 

“There have been a lot of people. The traffic has been pretty steady. I’ll be back next year,” said JorDawn Remirez, a first-time attendee selling Stella and Dot.  

Tastefully Simple vendor Amber Schmidt said she came out to the event in hopes to make some holiday sales. 

“I really was just hoping to come out and do some selling,” she said. 

Returing vendor Shaleana Johnson of Potwin was reaching out for new customers.

“I wanted to try and find a new customer base and it has been pretty good,” she said. 

Shoppers Jennifer Collins and Jaine Lamb said they were pleased with the variety of vendors and options.

“I saw a flyer at the Villa and was intrigued.  I saw they’d have 31 Bags here and a few new vendors,” said Collins. 

Lamb said her shopping was not all of the holidays. 

“I picked up one or two things for Christmas and then I did some shopping for myself,” she said. 

While this year’s marketplace has closed, the committee of six volunteers has already begun planning for 2015. 

“We have those six people, and they’ve taken a few ideas from this year. But work will really start in earnest in July for the sale,” she said. 

The next major event coming up at the Hesston Area Senior Center is the annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner on Nov. 27. 

Community members are invited to the dinner and to bring their favorite side dish. The Senior Center will supply the main dish of turkey.  

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Capturing Creation In Family Travel Photos

Posted 11/14/2014

By Jackie Nelson

Photographers and national travelers Roma and Leo Schmidt are this months featured artists at The Walkabout Gallery. 

Roma said she began her photography hobby taking pictures of Kansas sunsets.   Leo, a Greensburg native has always had an appreciation for the beauty of Kansas. 

However, the pair have expanded their horizons and have begun taking family vacations and taking photos along the way. 

“We went to the Medicine Lodge pageant with the longhorns. Then two years ago we went to Slot Canyon,” said Roma.  

With family scattered across the state, finding time and a reason to get together can be challenging for busy families.  

“It is a good way to get all the kids and grandkids together,” said Leo. 

Roma said in the nostalgia of looking at family photos, modern photographs have a special place. 

“We have lots of pictures of family from earlier.  But when you see these pictures in color, it gives it a whole new dimension,” she said.  

The transition to the digital age has saved the Schmidts space over the years.

“We used to do slides. We have shoeboxes full of slides,” said Leo. 

However, Roma said she is not ready to give up print.

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