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Editor's Column

Posted 5/23/2014

By Jackie Nelson

We all make mistakes, and I made one last week in my May 22 column in which I talked about H-1Bs.

There are two H-1B programs, a federal program, which is for foreign workers, and a Kansas state H-1B program for local workers.

I did not know a state H-1B program existed – which is where the problem started.

The state H-1B program is a grant which can be used by employers for on-the-job training to support the hiring of new engineers.

Applicants for this grant must be able to work in the U.S. without a visa, according to Tucky Allen Business Service Director/Rapid Response Coordinator at WorkforceONE.

The individuals eligible for training funded by the grant can be both recent graduates not currently employed in the field and other dislocated or unemployed engineers who meet educational prerequisites but may lack the specialized skills and experience necessary for a particular engineering job opportunity. Employers have the potential to receive up to $25,000 per individual based upon the number of hours each individual participates in training.

Use of this funding is intended to reduce the number of H-1B visa hires and to create greater opportunities for Kansans and other eligible participants. Fees charged to employers hiring foreign workers under the federal H-1B visa program serve as the basis of this grant’s funding, according to documentation provided by the Harvey County Economic Development Council (HCEDC)

This Kansas state H-1B is the source of the $100,000 for H-1Bs for AGCO and $175,000 for Excel. 

I apologize for the confusion on which program the HCEDC was involved with and strive to print information as best we can. We are always happy to correct the record. 

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Hesston Commemorating Memorial Day

Posted 5/22/2014

For The Record

Hesston will remember its’ veterans with the 23rd Memorial Service in the Hesston   

Cemetery at 11 a.m., Monday, May 26.  

The Mistress of Ceremony will be Jeannine Hoheisel, a member of the Hesston Veteran’s Memorial Committee. 

The Memorial Address will be given by Marc Rhoades, House of Representative for the 72nd district. He has been a representative of the 72nd district since 2007.  He and his wife live in Newton.

The flag will be posted by Neil McChesney with the assistance of the Hesston Boy Scouts. Richard Fulk will read the names of each veteran who have fallen this past year as a floral tribute is being laid at the base of the memorial statue by the local Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts.  

The invocation will be led by Rev. Keith Schadel, pastor or the Hesston Methodist Church. 

Ray Nicodemus will lead those in attendance the singing of “God Bless America.”  

Dr. Gary Blaine, pastor of the Highland Trinity United Church of Christ, will lead the benediction followed by Vern and Mike Dreier playing “Taps” bringing the end to the service.

Members of the Memorial Day committee are Stan Briar, Robert & Chris Carlton,    Dick Fulk, Dennis & Jeannine Hoheisel, Richard Knott, Neil McChesney, Ray Nicodemus, Michelle & Kent Pfautz, Ken & Jody Schwanke, Don Typer, Max Unruh, and Howard Wohlgemuth.

Please bring lawn chairs for your comfort, because the seating is limited.

In case of inclement weather, the service will be held at the Hesston City Shop.

If you have any questions, please call Jeannine Hoheisel at 620-327-2020. 

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Oh, The Places They Will Go

Posted 5/22/2014

By Jackie Nelson

The Class of 2014 post-graduation plans are clear, 94.6 percent are headed to higher education of one form or another.

However, there are clear trends for the Class of 2014. Women outnumber men nearly 2 to 1 in heading to a four-year university.  Over 65 percent of women in the class of 2014 are moving on to a four-year institution.  Only 42.3 percent of men are planning on attending a four-year college.  Men are trending higher when planning to attend a two-year, public, college at 34.6 percent.

Women are also trending higher in post-high school education, with 93.1 percent attending a traditional two-year or four-year college.  The remaining 6.9 percent plan to pursue vocational training.

Men’s post-high school plans were more diverse, with 84.6 percent planning to attend a traditional two-year or four-year college.  The remaining 15.4 percent are distributed between vocational training at 3.8 percent, military service at 3.8 percent and moving into the workforce at 7.7 percent. 

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YAR Working To Keep HHS Drug And Alcohol Free

Posted 5/22/2014

By Record Staff

Hesston High students are out to provide leadership throughout USD 460 and promote better choices for high school and middle school students. 

The group, YAR (Youth As Resources), has been working to decrease drug and alcohol consumption by minors in USD 460.

“There was Get Set day at the Middle School and it was a day we got to talk to kids about what it is like to be in high school and it was a way to promote YAR and help kids make good decisions,” said freshman Paige Kauffman.

The group took their position as role models for younger students seriously.  Two ladies in the YAR program are also Cheerleaders at Hesston High and help coach Lil’ Cheer Camp in the summer. 

“A lot of the younger girls look up to us,” said junior Sydney Reeves.

Kauffman said as examples to young girls she and other YAR members think beyond personal consequences. 

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Brownback Visits Excel, Talks Business, Economy In Kansas

Posted 5/22/2014

By Jackie Nelson

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback came to Hesston to present Excel Industries with the 2013 Exporter of the Year Award.

When asked about the recent credit rating downgrade by Moody’s Corporation, Brownback said several states have seen lower credit scores.

“Moody’s is downgrading every state they have rated the last year.  It’s primarily KAPERS. Our pension system is second least funded, Illinois is first, and that’s terrible.  We have plans in place to change the system – that’s the key. KAPERs and growth.  We are growing, and they noted we were having good growth. They are looking at all states and local units and they are downgrading the most. They are concerned about the future and the debt levels.  We have to grow and get KAPERs fixed,” he said.

When asked about decreased state revenue due to tax cuts, Brownback said the dip was projected.

“We anticipate a two-year dip in revenues. That’s been built in. Where we see it is the state general fund. We had record revenues in 2013 with half the cuts in place. This year was projected. We are going to be in good shape financially.  We went into this dip anticipating it. It’s going as we had projected and jobs are the key thing we are aiming for,” he said. 

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McGinn Running For County Commissioner, Could Give Up Senate

Posted 5/22/2014

By Jackie Nelson

State Senator Carolyn McGinn, of District 31, is looking for a job-change.

McGinn has filed to run for Sedgwick County Commissioner and if she wins, she will no longer represent Harvey County in Topeka.

“I think we need to have good, solid leaders at the local level and I haven’t seen that consistency for a few years. We’ve lost jobs and population and I really believe it is important to have a stable government environment,” she said.

McGinn said if she wins the commissioner’s seat, she will be relinquishing her seat in the Senate where she represents this county.

“The way it works, I would resign.  Commissioners are sworn in a on a Sunday and legislative session starts on Monday.  I would not be doing both,” she said.
However, until the election results are announced, McGinn will retain her seat.

“I will still have senate responsibilities during the campaign,” she said.

If McGinn wins the Sedgwick County Commissioner’s position, her seat will be filled by appointment, not election.  Precinct committeemen and women will appoint a representative to complete McGinn’s term, which lasts until 2016.

McGinn said those concerned with filling the Senate seat can still impact the process.

“It’s a great opportunity for people to get involved and be a precinct committee man or woman.  They have until June 2 to file.  I haven’t given much thought; it’s not something that I’m concerned about. I have a few races to win first,” she said. 

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