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32nd Annual Southwinds Magazine Hits Hesston

Posted 5/15/2014

By Jackie Nelson

Hesston High has published its 32nd edition of Southwinds, a showcase of Hesston High art and poetry produced by students and faculty members Kathty Schroeder and Doug Broadfoot.

Broadfoot has been part of Southwinds for nearly two decades as the poetry editor.

“I think they asked me as a joke as I look back on it. Because, I was new and I'm not sure anyone else wanted to do it. I said, “Sure,” and have been chained to it ever since. It's not much trouble – if you like reading high school poetry,” he said.

Art teacher and art director of Southwinds, Kathy Schroeder, continues to honor the tradition of Southwinds.

“I do it because I really respect Jacque [Herrold, founder of Southwinds] because it means kids get attention for their work and they have a record of what they have done,” said Schroeder.

Broadfoot said through the years there have been a few surprises and many broken stereotypes. 

“I get to see a different side of students. A number of years ago, we had a guy on our offensive line go to the Shrine Bowl who had four poems published. I am certain he was the only high school offensive lineman at the Shrine Bowl who was also a published poet,” he said. 

To Read More See This Weeks Print Edition

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Talk20 Coming To Hesston

Posted 5/15/2014












































Record Staff

The Hesston Record is diving into the personal lives of Hesston community members and hosting a Talk20 on July 24 in cooperation with the Hesston Public Library and Hesston Chamber of Commerce.

A Talk20 event is a unique way to get to know members of the community.  The first Hesston Talk20 will feature residents discussing hobbies and passions outside their ordinary 8 to 5 work lives.

The Hesston Record is putting a call out to all community members to come talk about your passion – from roller skating to motorcycle building – no hobby is too out of the ordinary.

What is a Talk20 presentation?  It is 20 PowerPoint slides, primarily photos, that will be displayed for seven seconds each.

Hesston Public Library Director Libby Albers said the library will provide technical support for participants who do not have access to PowerPoint or need assistance scanning photos.

A registration form for the first-ever Hesston Talk20 can be found in this week’s Record.

Deadline for entry will be June 3.  Time will be limited to 10 presentations, so enter soon.

Presentations need to be on a USB flashdrive.  Flashdrives and presentations must be turn in to Hesston Public Library the Monday prior to the event, July 21 by 5 p.m.

The first Hesston Talk20 will take place at Hesston Public Library at 7 p.m., July 24.  The event is free and open to the public to observe and ask questions following the presentations. 

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Harvey County EDC Asks For More Funding

Posted 5/15/2014

By Jackie Nelson

Allen Schrag, a representative of the Harvey County Economic Development Council (HCEDC), presented to the Hesston City Council and proposed an increase in Hesston’s financial contribution to the organization to $36,000 for 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Schrag said as the HCEDC Task Force began investigating funding, “It became evident that Harvey County was over-funding and Hesston was probably under-funding.”

The proposed funding formula, as of Monday evening, has been signed by Harvey County and the city of Sedgwick. The City of Burrton has accepted the agreement but has not signed, according to Schrag.

The additional funding would be used to hire an additional HCEDC staff person.

“The extra staff person would be ‘raw sales.’  Micky [Dean] is the executive Director and we have an agreement with Workforce and Tucky Allen and Jennifer Mueller – who is the assistant. We don’t have someone who is in the trenches hitting it hard.  We are more of a facilitator than a sales organization,” said Schrag.

Councilman Brad Unruh was concerned about the expectations of a new staff person and the cost and benefit of another employee.

“When I hear aggressive sales, in all industries, there is commission and you get paid on results and performance.  I know we are talking government money, but there needs to be accountability,” he said.

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USD 460 Hosting Q&A On Local Option Budget Increase

Posted 5/15/2014

Record Staff

• Date: Thursday, May 22 
• Time: 7 p.m.
• Location: Hesston High Auditorium 
• Presenter: Superintendent Paul Becker 

Hesston USD 460 is looking into new budget possibilities and an election to allow the USD 460 School Board to increase the Local Option Budget (LOB) to 31 percent, then 33 percent.

USD 460 Superintendent Paul Becker is hosting an informational night on Thursday, May 22 at 7 p.m. to answer community questions.  A mail ballot will be sent to Hesston residents and must be returned by June 24.

Becker said the increase would not result in higher taxes for Hesston residents.

“Based on the additional state aid that is part of the new legislation, our district can bring in about $268,000 in additional funding without any increase to the mill rate,” he said.

Newly passed legislation would allow USD 460 to benefit from a modest increase in the LOB through State aid. 

“Most of it would be through capital outlay.  However, if the voters pass the election to allow the board to go to a LOB of 31 percent, the law allows for the board - for the 2014-15 school year only - to go to 33 percent LOB.  Because USD 460 gets more state equalization aid via LOB than capital outlay, it is possible for the district to bring in an additional $54,000, estimated, at the same mill rate,” said Becker.

Becker said the additional funds are an estimate and several factors – including a modest increase in enrollment – is part of the funding equation. 

Becker acknowledges the issues surrounding school funding can be complicated and raise many questions.

“Basically, the district gets more bang for their buck by giving the board more flexibility with the higher LOB.  But, we are having an informational night so residents can ask questions about the issue,” he said. 

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