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First Bank Building Expansion

Posted 6/30/2014
NEWTON - To celebrate the completion of First Bank's building expansion at 128 E. Broadway, the Newton Chamber of Commerce and First Bank will host a ribbon cutting ceremony July 2 at 4:30. An open house for the public with tours of the expansion will follow the ceremony until 6 p.m.
First Bank has completed construction to the main bank expanding its north side with new offices for support staff along with a community meeting room. The bank, with four branches, first announced plans in last year in October to expand its main branch.
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Women Of Steel Prepping For Christmas In July

Posted 6/26/2014

By Jackie Nelson

The Hesston Women of Steel are preparing for Christmas in July. Sandy Hardin and Ann Byrd began work in May to request a permit for a fireworks stand the week of the Fourth of July.

The stand will be located between Panda Kitchen and AmericInn on the east edge of Hesston.

Proceeds from the fireworks stand are allocated for raising funds for Angel Tree gifts near Christmas.

The Women of Steel are working with well-known fireworks provider Jeffrey Stephens from McPherson.

“Jeff is setting up the tent and supplying the fireworks. We’ll have one of the first kinds of aerial fireworks in the state,” said Byrd.

 “Jeffrey Stephens is setting up the tent and supplying us with fireworks. We'll have the first kind of aerials in the state,” said 2.

Hardin said she and other Women of Steel collaborated with many different local entities to ensure the fireworks stand will be a success.

 “We needed a permit and a place to rent. The community worked with us. This is part of being part of a community. AGCO has the most jobs in town. We shop at the store. We go to the hardware store, the post office, the banks. This is our community, too,” she said.

In addition to the support from local organizations, the USW members are stepping up to help cover logistics. 

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Former Lions Club Treasurer Arrested For Felony Theft

Posted 6/26/2014

Former Hesston Lions Club Treasurer Keith Pfautz was arrested on Wednesday, June 25 on three counts of felony theft and one count of giving a worthless check.

According to Police Chief Doug Schroeder, the Hesston Police Department received a complaint in 2013 that, “the person with oversight of the Hesston Lions’ Club Treasury had been inappropriately using the club funds for personal expenses.”

An investigation was opened and a case was presented to the Harvey County Attorney’s Office. The investigation found the total loss to the Lions Club is over $9,000.

An arrest warrant was issued for Pfautz as a result of the investigation. 

According to Schroeder, Harvey County District Court Assistant County Attorney Jason Lane will handle the case. 

“My intent is to ask the court to demand Pfautz make restitution to the Lions Club to replace the money that was inappropriately used,” said Schroeder. 

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City Seeking Support For Safe Routes To School

Posted 6/26/2014

By Jackie Nelson

The City of Hesston is working to improve safety for children walking to school through the Safe Routes To School program. 

According to USD 460, of the 824 students who attend Hesston Schools, only 245 – 29.7 percent -  utilize bus services. The remaining 579 students either walk, ride bicycles or find alternate transportation.

City Administrator Gary Emry said he has seen the program in action.

“I became aware of the grant while in my last community. We applied for the grant there and was selected as a recipient city. I’ve personally seen how this program can transform community accessibility and move children as well as other citizens about the community in a safer and healthier way,” he said.

The deadline for application for the Safe Routes To School is quickly approaching.  Emry said he is calling on Hesston residents with a vested interest in the safety of children and pedestrians to assist with Safe Ways To School. 

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Fireworks Safety Urged This 4th Of July

Posted 6/26/2014

For The Record

The Hesston Police Department urges safe and responsible use of fireworks to celebrate Independence Day. 

The first and most important rule for discharging fireworks is to ensure you understand local ordinances regarding the use of fireworks within the city.

Fireworks can be legally discharged within city limits between 8 a.m. and Midnight on July 1-4, 2014.  Only those fireworks which are sold in approved retail locations are authorized to be discharged, bottle rockets are strictly prohibited.

It is also illegal to point and shoot, cast, throw, or propel fireworks of any kind in the direction or into the path of any animal, person, group of persons, or from within or in the direction or path of a vehicle of any kind.

Here are several precautions should be taken when enjoying fireworks to minimize the risk of injury and fire:     

• Never allow young children to play with or ignite fireworks.      

• Never place any part of your body directly over a fireworks device then lighting the fuse.  Back up to a safe distance immediately after lighting fireworks.       

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Voters Approve 1 Percent LOB Increase For USD 460

Posted 6/26/2014

By Jackie Nelson

Voters have approved  the USD 460 School Board to increase the LOB to 31 percent.

In a mail ballot vote, 65.13 percent of voters approved the increase. 

Voter turnout was high for Hesston at 38.40 percent. 

With nearly all the votes counted, 663 voted in approval and 355 voted no.

There are 11 provisional ballots still under consideration by the Harvey County Clerk’s office. However, if the votes are approved to be counted, the election results will remain unchanged.

According to USD 460 Superintendent Paul Becker in a previous interview regarding the increase, at 30 percent LOB, USD 460 will receive $268,000 more dollars in state aid.  However, if the LOB is raised to 31 percent permanently by election and the USD 460 school board votes to increase the LOB to 33 percent for one year only, USD 460 will receive an additional $54,000 in funding with no tax increase.

Becker said the funding numbers are subject to slight variation, as district enrollment and valuation play a part in funding.

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Breakfast For Bert

Posted 6/26/2014

Record Staff

Hesston Mennonite Church came together for Brett “Bert” Dillon and his family on Saturday morning with Breakfast For Bert to assist the Dillon family as they work through a health crisis.

“He has given so much to the community, his time and talents, and we thought we would give back,” said Tim Betts, one of the organizers of the breakfast.

Church members and family friends turned out in droves to support the Dillons.

“It was hard to find a parking spot, and that’s really great to see the community come together and support him,” said MYF youth Keegan LeFevre.

While the Dillon family focuses on recovery, Betts said finances can take a back seat to more pressing concerns.

“This is a way to jump-start a fund. It’s going to be a long road to recovery for Brett and hopefully he’s to make a full recovery. In the mean time, there are a lot of bills you don’t think about when you’re sick,” said Betts.

As a church leader, Dillon is held in high regard by youth and church elders.

“Bert is a great guy. If it was one of us in his position, he would be here for any one of us,” said LeFevre. 

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