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Hesston Coaches Honored atKBCA Gathering; McKinney In All-Star Game

Posted 7/3/2014



 SALINA – Two Hesston High basketball coaches received awards on Saturday (June 28) at the annual Kansas Basketball Coaches Association (KBCA) gathering and the boys and girls all star games at Kansas Wesleyan University.

Greg Raleigh, Hesston boys coach, and Matt Richardson, Hesston girls coach, were honored as KBCA Class 3A coaches of the year on Saturday afternoon and then were back on the bench coaching that evening. Raleigh was head coach of the Blue boys all-star team while Richardson was an assistant coach for the Blue girls all-stars.

Both Swather teams completed the rare feat of winning a state championship at the same time this past season.

The Swather boys topped the Beloit Trojans 59-54 while the Lady Swathers tamed the Lyons Lions 46-36 to come out No. 1 in Class 3A. The Swather boys were a perfect 26-0 while the Lady Swathers were close behind at 25-1. The Hesston girls' only loss was to Wamego, a Class 4A Division II powerhouse.

In the boys all-star game on Saturday, Hesston standout Wyatt McKinney and the Blue all-stars fell 105-97 to the White team all-stars. McKinney had 12 points in the game. He was 3-6 from the field and 6-6 from the free throw stripe.

Raleigh said he has coached in all-star situations before.

“It was fun. It was good to work with this group of kids. But in an all-star game, it's hard to get any degree of continuity going.

“The main thing is to try to make sure kids get in the game and get about equal time.”

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Many See Gardens On Damp Weekend

Posted 7/3/2014

By Jackie Nelson

The Hesston Mennonite Youth skipped fancy hats and went straight for umbrellas during their Garden Show on Saturday, June 28.

“The weather did impact the attendance in some ways. We had people from McPherson, Newton, Hillsboro and the surrounding area!  Most people who attend garden shows are gardeners themselves and a cool rainy day did not deter them.  The rain probably decreased the amount of people we would have had if it was sunny and people were just out and about,” said youth sponsor Rachel Easter.

Despite the rain, the group sold over 130 tickets for the event.  In addition, they were awarded a grant by the Hesston Community Foundation.

“The fundraising is to support the Hesston Mennonite Church youth group.  They have been active in our church with helping with vacation bible school, volunteering, participating in the worship services and then service trips,” Easter.

One such trip is currently under way for Cameron Juhnke. 

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African Adventure Focused On Ants

Posted 7/3/2014

By Jackie Nelson

Jacob Penner has spent the better part of his summer putting ants under a magnifying glass on the African savanna in Kenya from April 28 to June . 

“I was at the Impala Research Center in Nairobi.  We were studying four different species of ant in trees – how they compete and co-exist,” said Penner.

 A sophomore ecology major at Goshen College, Penner said traveling to Africa for over a month was a hard-earned privilege.  Penner applied to be one of 18 students on the trip and one of four on an extended data-gathering project to aid in his professor’s doctorate work.

“Getting to go to Africa and the savanna and see the wildlife is kind of a dream come true. It is one of the grails in the biology field to go out there and see elephants, lions and fall asleep listening to hyenas,” he said.

While gathering information, Penner found a greater appreciation for the relationship between some of the smallest and largest organisms on the savanna.

“It’s an interesting mutualism that can provide information and insights in other mutualisms and how they evolved,” he said.

During his weeks at the research center, Penner and his colleagues gathered as much data as possible.

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Man Arrested In ConnectionWith Lions Club Theft

Posted 7/3/2014

By Jackie Nelson

Hesston resident Keith Pfautz was arrested by Hesston police on Wednesday, June 25 on three counts of felony theft and one count of giving a worthless check.

According to Assistant County Attorney Jason Lane, Pfautz bonded out the day of his arrest with a bond set at $7,500.

According to Police Chief Doug Schroeder, the Hesston Police Department received a complaint in 2013 that, “the person with oversight of the Hesston Lions’ Club treasury had been inappropriately using the club funds for personal expenses.” Pfautz at the time was the Hesston Lions Club treasurer.

An investigation was opened and a case was presented to the Harvey County Attorney’s office. The investigation, assigned to Detective Chris Eilert, found the total loss to the Lions Club at over $9,000, according to Schroeder.

“The lack of documentation was present in all of those withdraws. There were well over 100 of them. The volume of it, it is obvious it wasn’t done for the benefit of the Lions Club,” said Schroeder. 

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Council Discusses Cutting Historic Trees For Street Project

Posted 7/3/2014

Record Staff

The City Council discussed getting at potentially deep seeded controversy on the Weaver Street improvement project.

City Council, along with City Administrator Gary Emry and Street Superintendent Jim Erb discussed the potential fate of many old trees on the historic street.

Emry said an engineering firm had a “handful of trees to consider” to be cut down for the streets project.

“We have massive trees with massive roots all up and down that road. I know truck traffic did a lot of damage with Sunglo [Feed] but those trees can't be helping. What's the confidence level in four to five years, do those roots start causing problems again?  Would the engineer address that?” said Councilman Brad Unruh. 

Erb said there are places in the 500 block of N. Weaver bark from especially large trees is growing over the curb. 

“I, personally, don’t want to take any out if we can help it,” said Erb.
Mayor Dave Kauffman suggested supplying replacement trees to residents who have trees culled during the street project.

“I’d be in favor of letting them pick a tree of their choice,” said Unruh.

Erb said with such a comprehensive street project, a secondary option would be to narrow Weaver to save trees. 

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