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Hesston City Council Approves Notes For West Embers, Prairie Lakes

Posted 1/21/2014

The Hesston City Council met Monday, Jan. 13, for a regularly scheduled meeting.

The Council took on a lengthy agenda with several key approvals, including the temporary notes for West Embers and Prairie Lakes.

• John Reimer moved to adopt Resolution No. 1113 which waives the use of G.A.A.P. accounting for 2014.  Pat Moore seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.

City Administrator Gary Emry said the G.A.A.P. waiver was standard procedure for the City.

Councilman Jason Jones noted the waiver resulted in a smoother auditing process for the City.

“When presentation, I thought it was mentioned it makes it more efficient from an auditing standpoint and cut down on the cost of audit because  there is not as much detail,” he said. 

• John Haas with Ranson Financial explained the temporary note process related to subdivision development West Embers IV and Prairie Lakes and shared with the Council the following bids:

UMB Bank - .550 percent

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It's Cold, Now You Save!

Posted 1/21/2014

Well, as we go to press the forecast is for a another round of cold temperatures. Wednesday the low temperature is forecast for 12 degrees and Thursday is 7. We knew Old Man Winter hadn't left the  house. So our merchants in the contest say make their offers active! You can redeem the offers and specials below at participating businesses. Offers are good through the expiration dates.
Enjoy these hot specials!

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City Reports Low Write-Offs For 2013

Posted 1/21/2014

By Jackie Nelson

In the fiscal year of 2013, the City of Hesston has written off $8,362.68.  This represents .196 percent of utility, municipal court and emergency services revenues. 

At the City Council meeting on Monday, Jan. 13, council members were informed accounts are written off only after three years on unsuccessful collection attempts. However, the City’s contracted collection agency out of Peabody will continue to pursue delinquent accounts. 

For 2013, Emergency Services Director Russ Buller written report stated the department is requesting less than one percent in charge-offs. 

“Due to patient confidentiality we do not furnish a list of delinquent accounts.  You will note that the majority of the write offs are for Medicare/Medicaid and Blue Cross/Blue Shield and not for non-payments.  As a contract provider the allowed compensation is based on their schedule which must be accepted as full payment.  Actual uncollectables for delinquent accounts are extremely low and a credit to staff diligence.  Based on services rendered in the amount of $259,150 our charge offs at $2,446 represent only .94% percent.”

According to Hesston Record archives, the charge-off rate for EMS dropped from last year, which was reported at 1.75 percent.

In a report submitted to the Council for the Municipal Court write-offs, fines representing only seven cases were represented

Total court write-offs were $4,571.64.  Revenue for Municipal Court in 2013 was $46,986.39. The write-off represented 9.73 percent.

Total for Court Write-offs:  $4,571.64

“Defendants that are written off still have either bench warrants and/or a suspended

driver’s license and have been sent to American Municipal Services for collection. 

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Hesston Wins Big At Scholastic Art Show

Posted 1/21/2014

By Jackie Nelson

Hesston High once again had an exceptional showing at the Scholastic Art Show this year.  Five Hesston High students received awards at the show. 

Junior Bailey Barker earned a coveted gold key for her photography work. 

Seniors Libby Reimer and Kiley Varney once again came away with awards. 

Reimer received a silver keys for digital drawing and drawing.  She was also awarded honorable mentions in batik, photography and senior portfolio. 

Varney was awarded a silver key in drawing. 

Italian exchange student Giulia Roviello was awarded an honorable mention in drawing.

XX Katrina Heinruchs received an honorable mention in Drawing.

Hesston High art teacher Kathy Schroeder said the community should be very proud of the artists at Hesston High.

“It is a little like going to State in a sport. This is state-wide and very hard to get into. We are competing against all the schools from Wichita and all the large schools. Whether it is a piece from a 1A school or a 6A school, the judges don’t know the difference,” said Schroeder. 

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Rural Moundridge Man Arrested After Standoff

Posted 1/21/2014

By Randy

MOUNDRIDGE - A 22-year-old rural Moundridge man was arrested Sunday, Jan. 19 after an almost eight-hour standoff with law enforcement officials.

Richard Dean Henry was arrested on two counts of aggravated battery, said Capt. Doug Anderson, with the McPherson County Sheriff’s Office. Henry was taken to the McPherson County Jail en lieu of $11,000 bond, which has since been lowered to $5,000.

Deputies with the sheriff’s office responded to a domestic disturbance call at 2:17 a.m., in the 900 block of 25th Avenue.

“When deputies were responding, the victim called and said she had been threatened with a gun,” Anderson said.

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Women's Civic Club Ties One On For MCC

Posted 1/21/2014

By Jackie Nelson

The ladies of the Hesston Women’s Civic Club hosted an unusual meeting on Monday, Jan. 13.

Rather than the traditional program, the ladies participated in a comforter-tying event to benefit Mennonite Central Committee (MCC).

“This was just a part of our meeting. I was something I dreamed up.  When Janet [Zook} and I decided to be co-leaders, I laid in bed all night thinking, “What can we do?” said Janice Arnold, a member of the Women’s Civic Club since 1990.  .

Arnold went to MCC and found quilt tops were available for organizations interested in tying comforters.

“We had three tops we got from the MCC Relief Center.  We had four ladies around each one.  One of the comforters already had a bottom. But you have to get the batting and the bottom.  On Thursday morning, Pat Moore and Ruth Vogt helped me put them in frames – they are Dorcus Circle members,” she said.

Zook, a Civic Club member since 2006, said the change of pace was well received by the ladies. 

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