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Hesston Record Giving Away Night Of Your Life

Posted 2/28/2014

The Hesston Record wants to create the ultimate prom experience for one lucky couple.

Publisher Robb Reeves said he is looking forward to giving away over $200 in goods and services.

“We wanted to give a couple kids in Hesston a really nice prom,” he said.

In creating an extraordinary evening, Reeves said introducing high school students to local businesses that provide exceptional service.

“We also wanted to partner with local businesses that provided really great services,” he said.

Reeves said he is making contest entry simple.

“There are three ways to enter.  One, follow us on our Twitter account @RecordTime, like us on Facebook, The Hesston Record, or fill out the entry form in this week’s Hesston Record and drop it by the Record office in Old Town Square. We’re right next door to D’Angelos Donuts,” he said.

Entries must be submitted by 8 a.m. on March 10 with the drawing to take place at noon that day.

To be eligible to win The Hesston Record’s Ultimate Prom Giveaway, entrants must be a student at Hesston High School or escorting a Hesston High student to Prom.

For all the details on The Record’s Ultimate Prom Giveaway, see our advertisement on page 12. 

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State Of The City Drills Down Into Manufacturing Sector

Posted 2/28/2014

This week The Hesston Record brings to you our annual State of the City.  Each year, we choose a theme for our features.  This year we have chosen to focus on manufacturing in Hesston.

In working on this feature, The Record uncovered some very interesting facts on all seven of our manufacturing businesses.

Did you know AGCO pays well over $1 million annual to the City of Hesston for utilities?

Over 60 percent of Excel’s employees live in Harvey County.

A new manufacturer, GVL Poly, is moving in to warehouse space constructed by Silverstone Inc.  GVL Poly’s presence will create 55 new jobs paying between $12 an hour to $70,000 per year. 

At smaller shops like Gish Fabrication and Hesston Machine and Welding, business has been booming and controlled growth has become a top priority.

BMG’s business philosophy precludes them from utilizing Industrial Revenue Bonds.

What are Industrial Revenue Bonds, anyway?  We have almost all the answers to your questions.

In addition to including businesses, we spoke with the local United Steel Workers 11-228.  With 600-plus members, they are a very influential force both at AGCO and within the community.

When it comes to the City of Hesston, manufacturers are a core part of the economy, and the manufacturing sector is only growing.

According to City Administrator Gary Emry, two businesses are in the exploratory stage for business sites, and they are both looking at Hesston as a potential location.

Mayor Dave Kauffman gave a nice update on the state of affairs with the City Council and the long-term goals of the community.

In addition to our features on local businesses, the State of the City brings you information on nearly every business in Hesston, including address, number of employees, history and plans for 2014.

We hope you enjoy this year’s State of the City and learn a little about our local manufacturers. 

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Kropf Lumber Awarded Business Of The Year

Posted 2/28/2014

By Jackie Nelson

Kropf Lumber was named Business of the Year for 2013 by the Hesston Chamber of Commerce.  Kropf Lumber has been part of the Hesston community since 1948 and is owned by Ken Kropf and his grandson, Ivan Kropf.

“Kropf Lumber is the type of the business success story that we all like to hear,” said Chamber Director Becky Galloway.

After being acquired by the Kropf family, the business expanded for several decades, changing location and expanding its offerings.

“A family buys a small business, nearly 66 years ago, beginning with just two employees, they saw the needs of the community and the ones surrounding it and have, over the years, continued to expand their expertise and inventory in order to fit the needs of contractors and customers throughout central Kansas,” said Galloway.

Galloway said the continued growth of Kropf Lumber made them a good candidate for Business of the Year.

“As an enterprise that began with two employees now employees nearly 40 and product inventory has gone from just a few basic items to over 38,000 items to choose from is remarkable,” she said.  

 In 1990, Kropf Lumber was destroyed by the Hesston tornado. Undeterred, Kropf Lumber rebuilt and opened their new facility in January of 1991. 

In 2005, Kropf once again overcame tragedy after a fire destroyed the north half of the warehouse. 

Through all the hardships, management and employees persevered and dedicated decades to the success of Kropf Lumber.

Recently one of Kropf’s employees retired after over 23 years of service….23 years of service…how many businesses can say they have people who stay that long?” said Galloway.

Galloway also noted long-term employees were not unusual at Kropf Lumber.

“At Kropf there are many who have been there ten, twenty-plus years - which says a lot about the type of business that they are.  Employees feel like they have ownership of the business, which translates to the personal customer service that is given when someone walks through their doors,” said Galloway. 

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John Carder Named Business Person Of The Year

Posted 2/28/2014

By Jackie Nelson

John Carder was named Business Person of the Year for 2013 at the annual Hesston Chamber of Commerce Banquet on Tuesday evening.

Hesston Chamber Director Becky Galloway said Carder’s exceptional career with the City of Hesston made him an ideal candidate.

“John Carder was an easy choice for Business Person of the Year, having just ended 15 years of serving the Hesston community as City Administrator,” she said.

Carder retired from his role as City Administrator in late 2013. 

Upon his retirement from the city, Carder accepted the position as Vice President of GVL Poly, a plastics manufacturer.  He will also serve as the Location Manager for GVL Poly’s Hesston operations, which will begin production in the spring.

Galloway said Carder’s contributions to the community will have a long-lasting impact on Hesston.

“John has had a big impact on the city through business recruitment, infrastructure improvements, upgrading the parks across the community and adding new ones such as the skate park and dog park which improved Hesston’s curbside appeal,” she said.

Galloway said one of Carder’s most notable projects was the revitalization of the Hesston Public Library.

“The relocation of the public library which has now become an integral part of the community where individuals, families and businesses come to meet or relax is another example of his willingness to work with others in order for Hesston to be proud of the quality of life that we have all come to expect,” she said. 

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Recreation Commission Come Out Swinging For New Facilities

Posted 2/28/2014

By Jackie Nelson

Baseball facilities were once again a topic of conversation on Monday evening when representatives from  City Council, USD 460 School Board and Hesston Recreation Commission gathered to discuss issues facing the community. 

Hesston Recreation Commission Director John Earl kicked off the discussion.

“We have met an architectural firm and they did some freebee work a year ago and came up with the project we aren’t going to discuss.  We talked to them a couple weeks ago about throwing together something smaller. So they did. I got it late Friday afternoon.

I am not going to talk about numbers. In general they gave me an estimate and by no means is it accurate - we made assumptions utility locations,” he said.

Earl said there was also discussion within the Recreation Commission looking at costs to convert the current high school softball diamond to a baseball diamond and construct a softball field near by.

“I’ve opened the box. Lets go,” said Earl.

Mayor Dave Kauffman asked Earl to summarize the Recreation Commission’s greatest need.

“Two things. One is we are limited on how many games we can play in an evening because of the lack of lighting on fields. The other problem, as soon as you start playing games, you may have one night a week you can practice,” said Earl.

Recreation Commission Board member Derek Roth said practice time is a serious concern for coaches at higher levels. 

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