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King Park Sign Damaged In Truck Collision

Posted 12/5/2014

Record Staff

On Nov. 21, the King Park sign was partially demolished by an accident involving a pickup truck. 

Lowell Hostetler of Hesston was southbound on Ridge Road and left the roadway to the left, according to police reports.  The vehicle struck a tree and continued across the Lincoln Blvd, Ridge Road intersection and struck the concrete sign. 

According to Police Chief Doug Schroeder, medical issues may have contributed to the accident.  

Hostetler was transported to St. Francis in serious condition by Hesston Emergency Services, according to Hesston EMS reports. 

City Administrator Gary Emry said repairs to the sign are still pending. 

“An employee of King Construction was involved.  And, typically, what happens is it will go through an insurance claim process and is put on them.  Their insurance, under a claim, will either approve or deny and we don’t have anything back on that yet. 

“Once we hear back from them, we will go forward and it becomes an insurance claim on our end,” said Emry. 

According to Emry, the city has already supplied King Construction with estimates. 

“I’m sure they’re working the process,” he said. 

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Crosswind Brightens Up Advent, 12 Days Of Christmas

Posted 12/5/2014

By Jackie Nelson

Crosswind Conference Center is welcoming residents onto their campus to enjoy some Holiday cheer before Christmas. 

Director Dave Schirer said Crosswind will have lights on display throughout their campus for residents to enjoy. 

“What we’re trying to do, for the last couple years, is to have more of a presence in the city of Hesston.  Part of that is opening the grounds for people to walk the nature trail and meditation trail and provide more community-oriented events,” he said. 

Schirer said the Hesston High jazz band and corral singers will host a concert in conjunction with the light display. 

The Jazz Band will perform at Crosswind on Dec. 15 with a dinner at 6 p.m. and performance beginning at 6:30 p.m.  Tickets are available through the Hesston High School Activities Office (327-7122).   

Schirer said residents will not have to leave the warmth of their cars to enjoy the Christmas lights. 

“It’s going to be on the roadway, and the majority of the lights will be at the entrance and around the staff house.  There will be some lights around the pond and the majority of the lights around the conference center,” he said. 

Schirer has been working on the lights since November, planning where displays will be placed. 

“We’ve been working on stuff throughout the month [of November] and I know on the news they’ve been working on places like St. Paul since August.  But our big push will be in the next week,” he said. 

Schirer admitted he was reluctant to begin the decorating before the Christmas season. 

“I feel funny putting lights up before Thanksgiving. It’s only a week before we have to have them up,” he said. 

While many of the displays will be lights rather than lit statues, Schirer said there will be more than strands around trees.

“We do have some nativities and things,” he said. 

Schirer added the light display will be available to residents to enjoy through Advent (Nov. 30-Dec. 24 and The 12 days of Christmas (Dec. 25-Jan. 5, 2015).

“We will be trying to make this an annual event, not only celebrating the birth of Christ, but as a way to give back to the City and say ‘thanks’ for the support we get through the city,” said Schirer. 

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Howard 'Mr. Hesston' Wohlgemuth Leaves Long Legacy

Posted 12/5/2014

By Jackie Nelson

Howard Wohlgemuth left behind a legacy as Mr. Hesston. Wohlgemuth, a former Councilman for Hesston for two decades (1979-2007), owner of The Hithcin’ Post/Howards Drive Inn, Hesston postman, emergency responder and Voice of the Swathers was known throughout the community for his contributions in the civic and business arenas.  

However, Wohlgemuth was also known for his character. 

“One of the things about him, he was fair. He was honest.  He had integrity in business. Family was very important, as was his faith.  It was very important and he lived all this out through is actions,” said son Duane Wohlgemuth.  

Duane said growing up with parents involved in the business community gave him a unique perspective of Hesston.  He added Wohlgemuth pushed him while working at the restaurant to get to know customers. 

“One thing I learned from him, and pushed me was making m memory work as far as remembering names if they came in.  If they were regulars, by the third or fourth time, I had to remember a name; and that was in grade school,” he said. 

As a business owner, son Delvin saw his father’s soft side, as he took chances on young Hesstonians, often giving them their first job. 

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YAR Addresses Town Hall Meeting

Posted 12/5/2014

By Record Staff

The Hesston Youth As Resources (YAR) addressed a town hall meeting coordinated by MIRROR in Newton last week. Youth from the organization addressed community leaders including the Harvey County Sheriff’s office, pastors and school district representatives.

Hesston High senior and long-time YAR member Lora Ferguson said it was important to represent the organization  - which receives funding from MIRROR. 

“I thought it was important for adults from other towns to see what we are doing in our high school.  I think it could have a positive impact on their high school,” she said. 

Junior Paige Kauffman, also a YAR member, said building community connections was critical for the group’s success. 

“It is so important to work in the community and focus on making the community better,” she said. 

Ferguson said nearly 20 YAR representatives came to the town hall meeting. 

“I’m pretty happy with the turnout.  I know YAR hasn’t been that big,” she said. 

However, despite their small size, Ferguson said the group still has a positive impact on the community.

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