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City Ready For Flurries

Posted 12/26/2014


Lincoln Blvd., Ridge Road, Randall Street, Hickory Street, Main Street, College Drive, Lancaster, Commerce, School Roads, Emergency Routes. Business District 

By Jackie Nelson

While Hesston residents may have been dreaming of a white Christmas, snow has been slow to fall this winter. 

However, Street Superintendent Jim Erb said City crews are ready for white weather. 

“We can treat the roads. We need about half-a-day, so we wait until it is closer to the storm.  It can be difficult. If it rains first, it washes off a lot of the brine,” he said. 

When snowplows take to the streets, Erb said there is a very clear plan the City follows to ensure streets are cleared effectively. 

“All storms can be so different; it depends on the wind.  At three to four inches, we plow the main roads.  If it is a storm, we have to plow them all,” he said. 

Erb said residential areas were secondary to keeping major thoroughfares clear. 

“Secondary streets are residential. We basically divide the town in half with one truck on one end and one on the other.  The rule is, my block is always last,” he said. 

Erb said clearing Hesston streets can take from eight to 10 hours with the three-man street crew.  Erb said when snows are particularly deep, he can recruit assistance from the Utility Department.  

“We have two trucks with plows and one with a spreader and a wheel-loader we also use. We are fortunate to have very good equipment and very good operators – Delvin Wohlgemuth and Jim Gough,” he said. 

With a three-man crew, Erb said the staff can keep busy at all hours. 

“It can get long. We don’t have restrictions on working hours.  You start plowing and keep plowing the same roads over and over and still, if it is a heavy storm, we don’t go into residential until the main roads are taken care of,” he said.

However, Erb said the City receives some help from the County. 

“Harvey County crews help us out a lot on main roads like Old 81, Lincoln and Ridge. They plow through town when they are coming. That helps a bunch,” he said. 

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H.A.S. Gets Facelift

Posted 12/26/2014

By Jackie Nelson

The Hesston Area Senior Center has undergone a facelift with new carpeting, refinished floors, more storage space, more counter space and a renovation of the men’s restroom.  

Marla Sharp, Director of the Senior Center, said the renovations took just under a week and the Center utilized nearly exclusively local businesses for the project. 

“Arlen Fishburn did the construction.  Carol Birch and her son did the painting.  We bought our flooring from Hesston Decorating and the paint from Kropf,” she said. 

The project, which closed down the Center the week of Dec. 15, has been in the works for over a year. 

“When we first started looking at possibilities, three very talented ladies, Vi Dick, Judy Troyer and Jan Horst came to our Center and spent many hours developing a plan and presentation for ideas to update our center.  They were the inspiration behind the final choices and changes and I would like to give them a bit of recognition and thank you for their time, creativity and decorating expertise and wonderful ideas,” said Sharp. 

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H.C.F. Ready For '15

Posted 12/26/2014

By Jackie Nelson

With just under one week left in 2014, residents still have the chance to give local and save their receipts for the chance to win Chamber Bucks. 

Throughout 2014, the Hesston Community Foundation has 

Susan Lamb, Director of the Community Foundation have positively impacted 20 different community organizations and dispersed just over $16,000 in grants to Hesston recipients and local programs.  

Currently, the Hesston Community Foundation’s endowment is at $6,35,034.  

If year-end giving is strong, we should be able to award no less than $20,000 in 2015; that included only the awards made by the HCF and does not count for any Excel or G51 Scholarship dollars.  It also does not include distributions from any of the donor advised funds set up by individual families,” said Lamb. 

With just over $16,000 awarded this year, Lamb said the impact of the Hesston Community Foundation has been felt across the city in a variety of ways.

Putting a number to individuals impacted would be challenging because it is difficult to differentiate between direct and indirect impact.  The G51 and Excel Scholarships impact four students very directly with $1,000 tuition support through those awards; that is direct impact.  A grandfather who is now able to enjoy archery with his grandchild who attended our STEAM class and learned the use of that skill is an example of indirect impact,” she said. 

Lamb said one program coordinated by the Hesston Community Foundation has already reached nearly 50 children and more programming is already scheduled for 2015. 

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Council, Hesston College Could Explore Cooperation On Facilities Project

Posted 12/26/2014

Record Staff

City Administrator Gary Emry said Hesston College representatives have approached him about a potential partnership in a sports facility project on the west side of Hesston, adjacent to the Hesston College baseball diamond. 

“They need tennis courts.  If they were going to make improvements, would there be value to the City? Since we were looking at recreation facilities, now would be a good time to come back to the table and have something back by the end of the year. We’re nearing all that and I wanted to know, do you want to work together?” said Emry. 

Emry said the Hesston College tennis program is continuing to grow and the college’s current facilities are inadequate. 

“They’re going to re-purpose that property.  They want to build 10 new courts. They have 65 acres there.  We may be able to go to their board for a proposal to get a percentage for a complex,” said Emry. 

Councilman Lee Birch inquired about a softball diamond. 

Mayor Dave Kauffman said a partnership with Hesston College may be worth pursuing.  

“We should talk to them about it. Again, I think with communication we can overcome some of the perceived differences. There were some misconceptions about what was done years ago,” he said. 

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