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Church Opening Doors For After School Program

Posted 8/8/2014

Hesston students will be cramming the halls of USD 460 schools in a few short weeks. With the advent of a new school year, the Hesston United Methodist Church is once again opening its doors to youth after school with funding from the Hesston Community Foundation.

The Hesston United Methodist Church is located on the corner of Ridge Road and Lincoln Blvd.

Children and youths of all ages are welcome to the church.  According to Melody Buller, Administrative Assistant, children and youths ranging from kindergarten through high school frequent the church after the final bell.

The after school program at the church is in its third year and has become part of youths’ after school schedule.

“The children are offered a safe place to stop on their way home after school and usually stay 20-30 minutes.  A healthy snack is offered along with milk or juice,” said Buller.

In addition to offering an adult-supervised space for youths to gather after school, Buller said it gives children a chance to connect to adults and each other.

“This program gives an opportunity for the children to share about their day and visit with the church staff Melody, Darci and Pastor Keith Schadel.  Volunteers also give of their time to assist throughout the year,” she said.

Buller said over a dozen youth frequent the church.

“This has given our church an opportunity to reach out to the community by offering a caring and positive adult presence to the children.  We truly believe that we have made a difference in several children's lives,” she said.

Hesston Community Foundation Director Susan Lamb said the program is an important asset for the community.

“This program continues to be a priority because it addresses school and community.  Personally, I think the best part of this program is it's inclusiveness. They are committed making the program a meaningful experience for the kids who attend,” she said.

Lamb said the Hesston Community Foundation board was pleased to see the church’s after school program on the slate of grants once again this year.

“We are especially proud that the church continues to increase their level of commitment to the program. This was a grassroots effort of HUMC and our board very much supports this type of initiative,” she said.

Buller said what began as offering a simple glass of water to a thirsty child has become one of the most popular after-school hangouts in Hesston.

“The Hesston United Methodist Church “After School Program” began because of a child needing assistance when walking home on a hot, August day in 2011.  He was thirsty and he asked if he could come in and get a drink of water. He returned with a friend and soon the welcome was passed on to many more,” she said.

The Hesston Community Foundation is continuing its outreach efforts as the school year is underway.  The next Hesston Communty Foundation event will be Friday, October 3rd with the second annual "Morning With the Swathers" at Hesston High School.

Lamb reminded residents any gift to the Hesston Community Foundation will be matched through the end of 2014.

“This is a chance for people to increase their dollars so the Hesston Community Foundation can continue supporting the good work of community members and having a positive impact on Hesston.”

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Heddin Comes In Top-10 At USATF Meet

Posted 8/8/2014

Mikala Heddin and her team of 4x800 runners, the Kansas Flyers, placed in the Top 10 at National USATF competition in Houston, Texas. Heddin’s team ran a 9:66 with Heddin logging a 2:28 in her leg of the race. Heddin said she and her team came together over the summer and spent many hours practicing together. “Our practices were twice a week. We would run sprints and we would run a lot of over-distances at practice. And, I have to come back and practice by myself. That’s the hardest part. I don’t like running by myself,” she said. As a team Heddin said she and the other ladies have gotten to know each other and respect their efforts. “You have to encourage everyone to keep up their part – to keep running and keep going. You really bond with people. You have to; it isn’t just passing a baton. You have to know if they are doing well or if you need to pick them up or let them know they are doing great,” she said.

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Bollinger Bringing Down The Competition

Posted 8/8/2014

Austin Bollinger, with a team of other runners, has placed in the Top 10 national 4x800 AAU relay teams with a team time of 8:13.95. Bollinger ran his leg of the race in 2:01.3. Bollinger was recruited from the top mid-distance runners in Kansas to be part of the relay team. “The day I got my wisdom teeth out, some of the guys I ran against at State in the 3A 800 contacted me and asked if I wanted to run the 4x8. I got a direct message on Twitter,” he said. Bollinger said he and his teammates had been in contact since track season. “We talked after state track. We were talking about if we were going to do an AAUC track team. He kept contacting me wanting me to do it,” he said.

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Besting The Beast

Posted 8/8/2014

Christian Graber was able to hang on at the Harvey County Fair on Friday night for 4-seconds against 1,600 pounds of bucking, spinning muscle. Graber took up bull riding this summer as a thrill-seeker and following in his father’s footsteps. “My dad rode in high school and a buddy from Moundridge rides and got me into it,” he said. Despite his father being a former bull rider, Graber said his parents are less than enthusiastic about his summer hobby. “My dad’s not thrilled. He said he’d never do it again. Mom and dad haven’t come to watch me. Mom refuses. Dad doesn’t understand why I want to do it,” he said.

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Hesston High Classrooms Receive Summer Facelift

Posted 8/8/2014

This fall, students will be returning to Hesston High will notice several changes around the building to classrooms and popular hang-outs.

According to principal Ty Rhodes, the Pit Stop, Family And Consumer Science (FACS) room and art room received the most significant face-lifts.

“These have been on the list of potential capitol outlay projects for the last couple of years, but not all things are able to be addressed each year.  Last year the kitchen, band room, and Pit Stop had needs addressed, and this year we had the opportunity to make improvements in these areas,” said Rhodes.

Rhodes said not only are the remodels aesthetic updates, they will provide valuable work-space for students and teachers.

“For the most part it has improved the work spaces in both of these classrooms.  Both of these classrooms must provide space for true "hands-on" learning with a variety of projects and materials.  We also certainly want to maintain an attractive and inviting facility, and I'm proud to say that our building is really in tremendous overall shape, particularly for a facility that is over 40 years old,” said Rhodes.

Students in the FACS classes will notice the greatest improvement to their classroom space, said Rhodes.

“In my opinion, many of the changes this year are fairly subtle in the overall picture of our building.  However, adding cabinets and countertop space to the FACS kitchen will certainly make that space more user-friendly when classes are doing a cooking lab,” he said.

Rhodes said students returning to school can expect more than a fresh coat of paint.

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